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Bulletproof Toyota Falcon Coaster Bus Akhunbabaev

MSPV Armoured Falcon Toyota Coaster Bus Provides a solid platform for the low pro fi we, secure transportation of broad groups of passengers. Ideal for routine trips Were hostile environments Where the safety of the passengers is. Apt for low profile, secure transportation of wide number of passengers. Being a bulletproof vehicle is the best way to get the most out of your life. The Toyota Coaster is a Commonly used model in regions Search As the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, making it ideal to platform for armored passenger bus . With its broad passenger capacity and reliable diesel engine is designed to operate in harsh environments, it is the ideal platform for secure personal transportation. HOWEVER, as with Any vehicle, the Coaster is without Properly upgraded components. MSPV HAS Developed an engineered-for-purpose upgraded suspension system designed SPECIFICALLY for the Toyota Coaster, armored to B6 CEN specifications, qui Provides unmatched vehicle handling and off-road performance. The Toyota Coaster is available in the diesel and gasoline engine Both variants. Armoring is available up to the level B6, while retaining the original appearance of the soft-skin vehicle. B6 in configuration, the armored Toyota Coaster :::::: has a seating capacity of up to 22 passengers, plus driver. feature • High speed rifle protection • Various protection levels from handguns to assault rifles. • 5 Run-flats Wheel • Suspension Upgrade • Protection and Battery ECU • Certified Ballistics Steel & Glass • Protected fuel tank • Full length Armouring For more information and specification please contact us today at +971 4 425 1761 or email draft is » » or visit

Name: mspvuzbeki

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    Category Buses/Vans
    Published date March 23, 2017
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    Country Uzbekistan
    Mobile/Phone No.: +971 4 425 1761
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    Location: Akhunbabaev, Andijan, Uzbekistan

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