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MSPV Armoured Toyota Hilux Vigo is a Vehicle icts Known for durability and dependability. The compact yet Powerful Nature of theToyota Hilux takes it to an ideal platform for on armored security vehicle .With the Largest service network of Any Manufacturer, de Toyota Hilux Vigo is an exceptional choice for operations in remote areas Those That are in need of a low Profile appearance.

The Toyota Hilux Vigo is one of the Most Prolific 4×4 pickup trucks in the past Decades, Appearing in conflicts all over the world. The MSPV Armored Toyota Hilux Vigo The MSPV Armored Toyota Hilux Vigo About Us | The Armoured Toyota Hilux Vigo is a common vehicle used by Work and gouvernements worldwide. Many guests love this bulletproof vehicle Because it is discreet and dependable. The Armored Toyota Hilux Vigo can come with diesel or gasoline-options and a variety of add on options from run-flat tires to electric door handles to negate Any serious threat. The bulletproof armor aussi Provides full protection contre high powered rifles .The armored Toyota Hilux is an extremely popular vehicle, commonly used by military, police, private security companies and civilians alike. The Armored Toyota Hilux is a versatile, multi-task armored vehicle that can be accommodated by anyone’s budget. Often it is Utilized as a cash-in-transit vehicle, or as an inconspicuous / low-profile vehicle. The Hilux 4 × 4 is available with a gasoline or diesel inline 4 engine Either in single dual gold cab configuration. For more information contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or email draft is » » or visit

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    Published date March 23, 2017
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    Country Uzbekistan
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    Location: Akhunbabaev, Andijan, Uzbekistan

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