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Armoured Lexus LX570 SUV Akhunbabaev

MSPV Armoured Lexus LX570 HAS Gained popularity over the years for it to armoring compatibility upgrades and standard Its Luxurious SUV features. Armor Lexus LX570 includes full body armor with steel and certified design to resist external threats from ballistic. MSPV Armored Lexus LX570 offers uncompromising performance, high-security and exquisite styling all at an inexpensive worth Creating armored SUV this year the shopper ideal match consciousness budget. MSPV Armored Lexus LX570 is the choice of armored car for Government Officials and VIP persons. LX570 is available protection levels B4 + B6 + B6, B7 + and B7.

MSPV Armored Lexus LX570 tricks of traditional Lexus luxury and reliability with a high degree of ballistic and blast protection MSPV Armoured Lexus LX 570 is a seven-passenger Luxurious SUV That Provides spaciousness, luxuriousness, and power. Lexus LX 570 HAS Armoured sports utility vehicle That sets the standard for ultimate luxury with superior offroad mobility and major towing ability. With a Powerful HAS 5.7 liter, 383HP V8 engine, the vehicle Delivers great power and performance. You will be enjoying leading-edge safety combined with full-time four-wheel drive. The vehicles 'OEM components'. The high-capacity wheel and tire assembly consist of built-in and run-flat bead lock systems. In addition to the left-hand drive, MSPV can offer right-hand drive Lexus LX 570 upon request. MSPV Armoured Lexus LX570 is A Likely suited to billionaires, Who are at risk of kidnapping, Provides The Highest levels of protection. It delivers the supreme comfort, driving driving position and all-terrain capability. Armored Lexus LX570 is expertly engineered by Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles to Provide class leading levels of protection to occupants against extreme attack, whilst Retaining the luxury and refinement with off road capability. For more information contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or email draft is or visit

Name: mspvuzbeki

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    Category Buses/Vans
    Published date March 23, 2017
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    Country Uzbekistan
    Mobile/Phone No.: +971 4 425 1761
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    Location: Akhunbabaev, Andijan, Uzbekistan

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