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Armored Range Rover - Luxury SUV's Akhunbabaev

We live in a world of violence and increasing, For many executives, diplomats, Heads of State and public figures Other; The possibility of a personal attack. Some kind of MSPV Armoured Range Rover is Clearly the answer.

Demand for Armoured Range Rover is growing as celebrities and VIPs seek a stylish ride That Protects from bullets and blasts. Range Rovers are renowned for providing good good good good good good a level of refinement and luxury. Armored Range Rover offers an outstanding breadth of off-road capability while providing good good good good good good levels of B6 equal protection for occupants. It Provides outstanding luxury, elegance and refinement as well as exceptional security, protection and capability. The Range Rover Armored is a fully integrated conversion indépendamment certified to B6 levels of ballistic protection and blast resistance, while preserving the Range Rover exterior grace and style. MSPV offers the Armored Range Rover in protection levels B4, B6. The Chosen threat-level. The Chosen threat-level. The Chosen threat-level. Feature Protection & Practicality Various protection levels from handguns to assault rifles. 5 Run-flats Wheel Protected Fuel ECU and Battery Protection Upgraded Suspension Certified Steel & Glass Full Seating Capacity Wherever you are thesis During uncertain times, it is reassuring to MSPV Range Rover vehicle. For more information contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or email draft is » » or visit

Name: mspvuzbeki

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    Category Buses/Vans
    Published date March 23, 2017
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    Country Uzbekistan
    Mobile/Phone No.: +971 4 425 1761
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    Location: Akhunbabaev, Andijan, Uzbekistan

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